Monday, November 07, 2005

News about Ed Hamelrath and Chris Ivanes in Europe

Dr Daniel Unowsky has passed along to the Weblog some information about two of our doctoral students in Europe.

Ed Hamelrath, who had a Fulbright and has stayed in Germany, is working on his dissertation, tentatively entitled From Dictatorship to Democracy: Decommunization of the East German Volkspolizei in the New State of Saxony, 1988-1991. He is also Guest Scholar at the Hannah Arendt Institute in Dresden and at the European Centre in Walbrzych, Poland.

Chris Ivanes is working on his disseration on Romanian national belonging and the Revolution of 1848 in Transylvania. He is currently hosting a daily call-in radio talk show on politics, culture, and society on Romanian Public Radio.

(Ed and Chris -- Both of you no doubt have more information that you could pass along to others about what you're doing. Send it to the departmental Webmaster at


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