Friday, July 29, 2005

Let's get blogging!

(Janann Sherman, Chair of the Department of History, originated the idea of a Web "space" where anyone connected with the department -- faculty, staff, students, alumni -- could "talk," particularly about their travels throughout the country and throughout the world. This "blog," Memphis Historians on the Go, is where the action should be. Here's her invitation to get things moving more than they have been lately. Be sure to keep reading below to see all the great photos that she sent from her recent trip to Montana and Alberta. And then start clicking on the COMMENTS links to add your own comments.)

(You might want to visit the department's Web page about this blog to get a better idea of how it operates. You'll find it at )

Hello everyone! I’d like to see us use this blog to keep in touch with one another, to debate current issues of concern in the department, the city, the state, the nation, the world!

If you wish to submit a message of your own (to begin a new blog) and/or photographs, you need to send those to As “owner” of the site, he has to post them. But if you just want to engage in the conversation that begins here, you can do that by simply clicking on “comments.”

Okay. I’ll start. How about: how have you spent your summer? I’d like to hear from everyone before we get caught up in the new semester.

Cheers! Janann


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