Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jim Blythe and Sheila Martin post some of their arty photographs

Dr James Blythe, Professor, Department of History, and his wife Sheila Martin toured Italy in May 2005. Recently they have posted lots of their arty photographs from that trip on an Epson PhotoCenter site, along with others that were taken elsewhere. (Sheila noted in an email message that they have also posted albums of their family members, but she advises us to skip those unless we know their relatives.)

These photographs are not "your usual tourist shots," although Jim and Sheila must have taken at least a few of them too. (You can see a nice shot of Jim in Venice on both his personal Web page and his biographical page in the Department of History's web pages.)

To view the photographs, go to the Epson PhotoCenter site and select albums 1 and 3, or you may go directly to Album 1: Italy 2005 or Album 3: More Arty photos.


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