Saturday, February 11, 2006

A bit of winter comes to Memphis

A bit of winter came to Memphis on Friday, 10 February. The rain which had been falling since morning suddenly changed to big, wet flakes of snow about 1:30 pm. The University of Memphis closed at 3 pm, sending everybody home and calling off evening classes.

The snow continued through the evening hours and gradually tapered off around 10 pm. Despite all fears about terrible driving conditions developing before morning, the streets and sidewalks apparently had held enough heat that there was almost no snow or ice on them Saturday morning. By afternoon, much of the snow everywhere had melted, but not before the following photographs were taken:

A typical scene Saturday morning

The snow provided plenty of opportunities for children (and even adults) to play in it and create snow men and other snow creatures

It probably took a whole crew of people to create this snow bear and the bench. The bench was big enough for several persons to sit on, and the snow bear stood taller than a person's head.

Here's the bear up close

The weight of the snow was too much for some of the pine trees


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