Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don Ellis and Caroline Getaz report on latest travels and discoveries

Since our last report we were married (in Hot Springs, AK on January 17 of this year) and are happily ensconced in our new old house in Russellville, KY which we have almost finished renovating. We actually moved here in April and since then have done quite a bit of traveling.

In June we drove to Virginia to see Caroline's new grandaughter, Maria Eduarda--the daughter of Chris who graduated MSU History Dept and is now living in Alexandria, VA. Maria's mom is from Brazil. We also drove north from Roanoake along the Blue Ridge Parkway, something Donald had always wanted to do. We spent some time in Rihmond with Caroline's daughter and grandaughter, Molly.

At the beginning of August we drove to Kansas City by way of St Louis and visited friends--old colleagues of Donald's before his MSU days. From there we drove west to Boulder, CO, stopping en route at a small place named the City of Ellis, KS which turns out to be the world headquarters of the Bukovina Society--we know you always wondered where that was!--(see pictures). In Boulder we met with old friends/former colleagues, with whom we drove on to Aspen to attend the music festival there, spending five glorious days of music, cool and rain. Fortunately we just missed a piano recital by Condeleeza (Condi to her very few friends) Rice. Leaving Aspen we headed for Oklahoma City via Pueblo, CO and miles of relentless Oklahoma panhandle. After crossing the whole of Missouri, the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, we finally arrived home to Kentucky, having driven almost 3,000 miles in 2 weeks.

We are planning to spend the month of October in England, both in London, getting a bit of culture, and in North Devon looking for a house to buy with Caroline's brother, Clive. The plan also included a visit to Caroline's new grandson, Arthur, in London but, since he and his parents have been transfered to New York City, this will have to wait until Christmas when all the Getaz offspring--and their offspring--together with Donald's son, Adam and his family will visit the Ellis household.

Since we now have 6 grandchildren between us, Donald refers to the situation as a Malthusian nightmare.


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