Sunday, December 23, 2007

"The latest" from Don Ellis and Caroline Getaz

We seem to have been very busy thoughout 2007 after returning from our English trip in April. One of the things keeping us occupied is the move we decided to make to Russellville, Kentucky, next March, where Donald's son Adam is a surgeon. This seems like a good idea in the light of our declining years and the pleasant prospect of being close to children and grandchildren--not to mention some decent health care. So--after 73 years of his trying to live in Oklahoma City without noticing, Donald has failed and we have decided to try Kentucky (When fascism comes it will be wrapped in the flag, brandishing a cross and will arrive in Okie-bozo City first).

We have bought a nice old house in the Russellville historic district (just about 65 miles due north of Nashville) and are trying to get floors refinished, walls painted and book shelves built before we move in around the end of February. (Enclosed is a photo of our new house). This is difficult as we are commuting 700 miles on a regular basis to get things done.

Donald is finally divorced after two and a half long years (the longest divorce since Henry VIII). We are happy together and plan to marry.

Adam is settled in a nice surgical practice, finally happily married to wife # 3 with two children age 4 and 20 months as well as an 11-year-old stepson. Caroline's children are well; Nicholas is an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in London; he and his French wife are expecting their first child in June. Sally is in Richmond, married to a specialist in artificial intelligence (computer stuff, robotics etc.) She teaches 5th grade and has a 1-year-old daughter. Chris, who some of you may remember as a student in the department, is a lawyer in New York City, married to a Brazilian dentist from Rio, and expecting his first child in May.

We survived the recent ice storm in Oklahoma City, even though we were without power for 4 days--and it was very cold. Enclosed was the view from our front garden.

Happy holidays and may 2008 be a banner year for us all.

Regards, Donald Ellis and Caroline Getaz


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